8 New 'Bachelorette' Finale Teasers That Have Us on the Edge of Our Seats

desiree hartsock brooks foresterTonight, Bachelor Nation is biting their nails in anticipation of The Bachelorette finale, which is being called the most shocking in the HISTORY of the show. No matter how convincing any of the possible outcomes seem, no one (well, except Reality Steve!) seems absolutely sure of how Desiree Hartsock's now-flipped upside-down "fairy tale" will end.

But host Chris Harrison had a telling sitdown recently with People and spilled details that very well may explain what we can expect to see happen tonight. Here, 8 new hints that will have us on the edge of our seats until tonight's show ...

  1. "Fake proposal" - The host -- who often doubles as a psychologist, it seems -- shared, "The fact that [Brooks] left the show doesn't mean he dislikes or hates Des. He didn't do this with malice or ill intent. He was very sincere and torn when I talked to him. He had done his due diligence and talked it out with his family. He just knew that he wasn't at the point where he wanted to be with this woman. I would have been disappointed and upset with him if he had stayed, had a fake proposal, and gone out for a few weeks [before] breaking up. So Brooks did the right thing." Does that mean that he doesn't stay ... or come back and propose?
  2. Brooks' comeback - Harrison admits, "As wishy-washy as he was, there are definitely regrets." ARE?? Why present tense, Chris? He went on, "It's absolutely possible for [Brooks] to come back in the game." But he goes on to warn, "[Des] may be open to it or maybe she learned her lesson and he's not the guy anymore." Weird! Why would he throw either of those scenarios out as possibilities if a return isn't in the cards?
  3. The "red flags" - Harrison goes on to muse, "There were red flags that something was a little off [between Desiree and Brooks] and that she was much further along than he was. Needing a silly game to express feelings [at their age] was a red flag." He sounds more than a little skeptical about where the relationship was going way back then, which doesn't exactly seem promising for tonight ...?!
  4. Brooks' "mind was made up" - This isn't exactly promising either: "[Brooks'] mind was made up when he went to see his family. He was looking for reassurance. [Saying that] was a defense mechanism and he was trying to be a good guy during the breakup."
  5. Don't dismiss Chris and Drew! - Although it seems like Brooks' departure leaves Des wanting to call "game over," Harrison reminds us, "[After] ... Munich, she also said she loves Chris in the next sentence and then that she was falling in love with Drew in the next." So could it be that she really can open her heart to a proposal from either of them? Ehhh, I dunno!
  6. Des really could end up alone - Last but certainly not least, Harrison didn't eliminate the possibility that the Bachelorette remains single! "It may not be much of anything next week other than her talking and saying goodbye to the other two." Whoa.
  7. But she's "bounced back" - Harrison dishes, "Des -- and I'm assuming this comes from the way she grew up -- is a survivor. She put herself out there and allowed herself to be vulnerable [knowing there was] a good chance she could get hurt like that. She has incredible resolve, bounced back, and seemed happy." So, however things shake out tonight, she's good? 
  8. Brooks "has trouble committing" - When asked if Brooks is out as a possible Bachelor, Harrison said, "You'll have to watch what happens next week," which might indicate that he's out because he's ENGAGED to Des. But then he went on to say, "He obviously has trouble committing and although he was sincere in coming on the show, he definitely has trouble expressing himself and letting himself be vulnerable when push comes to shove. ... don't know if Brooks has it in him to be so open." How does he not know if the guy actually came back, realized he screwed up, and got down on one knee? Aggghh! So many questions! Cannot wait to see them answered tonight!

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What do you want to see happen on the finale tonight?


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