'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' Recap: Kendall Jenner Is One Unhappy Teen

LaKendall Jennerst week in Greece on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Brody and Kris Jenner had a little tete-a-tete on a gorgeous yacht. And despite the amazing scenery and Kris rubbing suntan lotion on Brody's back, Brody still had a beef to air. He told her what the rest of world already knows: That he feels Kris puts materialistic things above family -- specifically, above him and his brother, Brandon.

"Are these things really what's important in life?" he asked. Kris, of course, didn't take too kindly to this and began to cry. "I was really excited for an amazing relationship from the get-go," she said of her stepmom role to the Jenner brothers. "But it didn't happen."


Kourtney, watching the drama from afar, decided to intervene. She sat between them and played peacemaker while Kris pointed out that Kourt "didn't speak to Bruce for five years." By the end of the conversation, the two seemed to have come to a detente and Kris ended up saying she felt that "finally there is a breakthrough." Besides, who can hold a grudge in Greece?!! It will be interesting to see if the peace stays once they get back to reality.

Meanwhile, Kendall was having her own little nervous breakdown, as she was repeatedly uninvited to family outings, including an ATV tour, a night on the town, and a (pretty gross) fish pedicure. (Someone call PETA!)

It all came to a head at dinner, as she pouted about being left out and then stomped off in a huff. The next day as Khloe tried to talk to her, she ran crying from the room, wailing, "I might as well not be on this trip! I'm not happy!" Turns out that Kendall is the shy one of the family (who knew there was one?), and since she is less likely to speak up about wanting to be included, she was being forgotten.

Before Khloe left to go join Lamar back in Los Angeles, she took Brody aside and asked him to draw Kendall into family activities. But instead he invites her on a private four-wheeling excursion and soon Kendall is smiling again. Who wouldn't be with a cutie like Brody?

Teenagers are sulky anyway, but Kendall really seems to chafe at growing up in such a publicly boisterous family. But Kendall needs to learn to speak up for herself. I imagine that's not easy in a clan like the Kardashians, but if that girl doesn't grow a spine, she's in for a lot more sulky days ahead.

Speaking of spines, we all know Bruce lost his long ago. But Brody and Brandon want to help him get it back. By getting Bruce a putting green, something Kris has forbidden. Yep, only in the Kardashians would this make sense. Forget therapy, let's get a putting green!

But, hey, anything that goes against Kris's wishes can't be all bad, can it?

Do you think Kendall was being whiny or was she truly being ignored?


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