'Sister Wives' Recap: Janelle's Got a Sledgehammer & She Knows How to Use It! (VIDEO)

janelleOh my god, after the latest episode of Sister Wives, I can finally sleep again at night. Do you know why? Don't worry, I'll tell you. I can finally sleep at night again because I now know the meaning behind Big Boy Panties. (I think.) Apparently, Big Boy Panties are not, in fact, a reference to the mythical "magic underpants" of yore -- instead, they're a reference to the need for Kody to man up and stop being a, um, dude who wears Little Boy Panties.


You see, Kody was being all whiny (Kody?? Whiny?? That never happens!!) at a My SisterWife's Closet meeting, complaining about Christine's "frumpy t-shirt" idea, when the ladies got all up in his grill. Rightly so! I mean, what does Kody know about frumpy?? Then Christine goes: "Let's put on some flippin' frumpy skirts, too!" And that was totally awesome! And then it got awesomer!! Cause Robyn goes: "You can put your big boy panties on and deal with it!"

AHAHAHAHA! Robyn. That Robyn. 

Meanwhile, Janelle was being pretty flippin' awesome her damn self. Oddly enough, she was being awesome as part of her quest to stop being so ... FRUMPY! Oh, the irony. 

First, Janelle shows up to her workout carrying her own scale. That's how obsessed she is with the non-moving number on said scale. More than obsessed, according to her fabulous trainer -- he says Janelle is ADDICTED. So he gives her this big sledgehammer and says, "Who cares about the scale?!?!" And then he makes her smash it to bits!!! You go girl! YOLO! 

Ummmm, what else happened ... oh yeah: Mykelti be boy crazy. (She think she grown!!) The wives have a BIG fight about tile in the hallway of one of the houses. Some kids go to college. 

Janelle quits My SisterWife's Closet! Christine decides to invest more time in My SisterWife's Closet!!

The kids just want to be in the house before Christmas!!!

Ahem. You GOTTA see Janelle smash that scale to bits -- check out this clip: 

Awesome, right?

Do you think Kody will ever put on his Big Boy Panties?

Image via TLC

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