'Princesses: Long Island' Finale Recap: Ashlee Is the Queen of Planet Crazy

princesses long islandWell, it's official -- Ashlee has completely lost her mind. During the season finale of Princesses: Long Island, Ashlee showed her true colors, and let me tell you, they are not pretty. 

To be honest, when this whole Joey v. Ashlee feud started, I didn't know who was in the wrong. One day I would be team Joey, and the next day I'd be rooting for Ashlee. However, Ashlee has finally shown that she lives in her own fantasy world where she is never wrong and where everyone else is always looking to attack her. Yeah okay, Princess Ashlee, you keep on telling yourself that.


During the vineyard trip that all of the girls took (minus Casey), they all got into a big fight and Ashlee ran off into the distance because she couldn't handle it anymore. Next thing we knew, Ashlee was "missing." Turns out she hitchhiked her way to the hospital to get some Benadryl to cure what was probably a glorified panic attack. (I'm not saying that panic attacks aren't serious, just that Ashlee might have been overreacting to the situation.) Now she's attacking Joey, Amanda, and Erica for not coming to find her.

According to Ashlee, she could have ended up on the side of a milk carton. WTF? A milk carton, Ashlee? That is seriously one of the craziest things I've ever heard. Apparently she's proud that she wasn't kidnapped and that she's alive. SHE'S A 30-YEAR-OLD WOMANIf she was so worried about getting kidnapped, then she shouldn't have hitchhiked to the hospital. If it was an actual medical emergency, then why did she run away? Why didn't she get a car from the vineyard or call 911? Or better yet, why didn't she freakin' pick up her phone one of the thousands of times that Chanel called her?!

There were other, more reasonable, options that Ashlee could have taken, and instead she decided to be dramatic. I agree wholeheartedly with Amanda; Ashlee is a grown woman and she didn't need the girls to come and rescue her. If she was worried about her safety, then she shouldn't have run away from the group and put herself in a potentially dangerous situation

I think Amanda wrapped up Ashlee in a nutshell when she said, "What color is the sky on Planet Ashlee?" Amanda, thank you for finally saying what everyone else has been thinking: Ashlee is crazy. (Oh, and Amanda, mazel tov on your pre-engagement!)

Do you think that Ashlee overreacted?


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