'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Teresa Wants to Take Jacqueline Down

teresa giudiceOn tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Teresa Giudice attempted to complete her Tour de Amends by meeting with her former friend, Jacqueline Laurita. And it went, in a word, horribly. In two words, absolutely horribly. In ten, sweet baby Jesus, it could not have gone any worse.

After making up with Joe and Melissa at the retreat, Tre made a promise to Caroline that she'd sit down with Jacqueline to try to patch things up. But I'm guessing Teresa must have misconstrued Caroline's intentions. Where I'm thinking Caroline wanted the ladies to meet to work their sh*t out, Teresa clearly thought Caroline wanted them to meet so Teresa could tell Jacqueline everything that's awful about her.


When Teresa called Jacqueline, Jacqueline was actually pretty gracious. She even said to Teresa "thanks for calling" when they got off the phone. It seemed the two ladies were respectively in good places and were going to have a respectful discussion that may not necessarily leave them running out to the nearest Best Friend Charms 'N' Things, but that would leave them civil to one another.

Not so much.

I'm not sure what Jacqueline's intentions were in agreeing to meet with Teresa, but Teresa clearly wanted to "expose" Jacqueline as much as she could. She was, by no means, there to make things right. Instead of focusing on the present and issues that involved their relationship, Teresa brought up things Jacqueline did to Danielle Staub for god's sake. No one ever said Jacqueline was an angel, but it at least seemed like she was trying to get to a decent place with Teresa. Whereas Teresa went in, guns blazing, trying to accomplish god knows what.

In a shocking Bravo editing move, the conversation between the two women was cut short and will pick back up again next week. But from what we saw tonight, it's not going anywhere good.

I'm not quite sure how they're going to recover from Teresa saying, "I've realized that there are evil people in the world, and you're one of them" to Jacqueline. I mean, where do you go from there?

Do you think Teresa initially intended on making up with Jacqueline?


Image via Bravo

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