'Teen Mom' Star Gets Her Own Special ... And a Spin-Off Could Be Coming!!! (VIDEO)

Teen MomFor a while now, there's been all sorts of rumors of a slew of different Teen Mom stars getting their own specials or spin-offs. After Farrah Abraham's sex tape escapades, I was in utter disbelief when there were rumblings of a Big Brother-esque spin-off with her, wild child Jenelle Evans, and both of their mothers. And oh JEEZ, remember when rumors hit that a Jenelle and Nathan Griffith spin-off was in the works? Ugh. Hello, disaster.

Well, Teen Mom fans, prepare yourselves because the time has finally come. Teen Mom special is happening, and it's not with who you might think.


Get this: Maci Bookout is going to get her own one-hour special on MTV called Being Maci, airing Sunday, August 18 at 10 p.m. right after a 16 and Pregnant marathon. The Teen Mom star announced the big gig with the help of her son Bentley in a super cute video. Take a look:

How overly adorable is Bentley, right?!

According to MTV's blog Remote Control, the special will follow the 21-year-old around Chattanooga, Tennessee, as she hangs out with her friends and deals with all the local drama. Of course, it'll also catch her spending some quality time with her too-cute son.

My thoughts? I bet this is MTV testing the waters to see if Maci would garner enough interest for her very own multi-episode spin-off. Out of all the Teen Mom stars, I think it's safe to say that Maci would totally be the best candidate for her own gig. She's respectable, a great mother, and seems to have her ducks in a row. I'm sure a Farrah Abraham spin-off would be a whole bunch of eye-catching risque drama, but I think MTV would be much smarter to give Maci the opportunity in the long haul, enabling their audiences to have a real role model to look up to.

Will you tune in to Maci's special? Do you think the Teen Mom should get her own spin-off?


Image via MTV

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