Farrah Abraham Wears a Face Full o' Makeup ... to the Pool

farrah abrahamPorn and Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham was recently seen hanging out at the pool with her daughter Sophia. And while the blogosphere has been blowing up with talk of how incredibly skinny Farrah looks, the thing that caught my eye is the fact that she's wearing a face full of makeup. To the pool. Like, the place where most people go to sweat and swim.


I feel like the two places makeup just doesn't belong are the gym and the pool/beach. I totally understand wearing a little mascara or lip gloss, or maybe even some tinted moisturizer, to either place to feel pretty. But if you plan on actually exercising (IE sweating up a storm) or diving into the pool (or sweating while you lay by the pool), what's the point of putting on foundation, false lashes, blush, gloss, etc.? It's all just going to come off. And if you're not at either place to sweat or swim, well, why are you there?

I think it's fairly obvious that the real reason Farrah is sitting poolside with her kid is for a photo op. There's no way she has any intention of spontaneously doing a cannon ball into the water. So her makeup and hair, I guess, make sense. But people do actually do this in real life. I've seen with my own two eyeliner-less eyes. And while they look very lovely and make me feel like a hot mess, their fun seems to be kind of hindered by their makeup. And what's more chic than having fun?

Do you wear makeup to the gym or beach?

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