Teresa & Joe Giudice's Fame Won't Help Them This Time

Teresa GiudiceThings are looking bad for Teresa and Joe Giudice. The villainous Real Housewives of New Jersey couple faces a 39-count indictment for federal charges, and there's talk of jail and even deportation. This is real.

Amidst it all, however, the Giudices are doing what they always do -- blaming anyone or anything but themselves. Even though prosecutors have evidence of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud, bank fraud, making false statements on loan applications, and bankruptcy fraud, they're still pointing fingers, and this time it's at their fame.


In a statement via WetPaint, Teresa's attorney Henry Klingeman said:

She's certainly being targeted because of her celebrity. The government frequently targets high-profile people to draw attention to their prosecutorial efforts. It's especially happening here.

Joe's attorney, Miles Feinstein, concurred:

I feel that because of his celebrity status he's being treated differently than others are for the same offense.

That's probably true, but so what? They weren't arrested because of their fame; they were arrested for some alleged serious infractions of the law. Will they be prosecuted more harshly than some average Joe without a reality series? Probably and fittingly so as that average Joe also didn't use fame to make millions of dollars flipping tables and selling cookbooks and Fabellinis. You can't pick and choose when the power of fame will work for or against you, and you should be smart enough to know you're under more scrutiny than average people when your life is broadcast for all to see.

While for her children's sake, I hope that at least Teresa is able to avoid jail time, I also have this crazy desire to see an Orange Is the New Black meets Real Housewives kind of spin-off if she does do time. Sorry, but tell me you wouldn't watch that?

For now they've both been released on $500,000 bond. They had to surrender their passports and aren't allowed to leave New Jersey and New York. Their arraignment is set for August 14, and they're expected to plead not guilty. We'll all be waiting to learn their fate. Whatever it is, while fame may play a part, they really have only themselves to blame.

Do you think Teresa and Joe Giudice's fame is to blame for this mess?


Image via Bravo

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