Desiree Hartsock Spoils 'Bachelorette' Finale Ending With One Single Tweet

Desiree HartsockShe may be a lot of things, but Desiree Hartsock definitely isn't a woman of mystery. Nope. She wears her heart on her sleeve for sure. Even though last night's episode of The Bachelorette was the first time Des told Brooks Forester she loves him (right after he dumped her, of course) -- she admitted being in love with him a while ago, so it's not like her words came as any huge shock.

And I'm sure I speak for most fans of the show when I say that watching Brooks let Des go was one of the most painful moments any Bachelorette has ever had to endure. It was impossible not to feel heartbroken for her.

We're all DYING to know what happens on The Bachelorette finale next week -- and it looks as though Desiree may have let the cat out of the bag and ruined the ending for us.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahead.


I predicted last week that Brooks would be the one to dump Des in Antigua, but that he'd show back up at the final rose ceremony and propose after realizing he made the biggest mistake of his life.

And based on a tweet Des sent out last night, it sounds like that's exactly what is going to happen next Monday.

Here it is, folks.

Desiree Hartsock twitter

OMG. Happy tears? Did she or did she not just spill the beans?

There's only one good reason why Des will wind up crying happy tears, and that's if the man of her dreams -- the only one she loves -- comes back to surprise her and gets down on one knee and asks her to spend forever with him.

I know her brother Nate recently indicated that Brooks does not win her heart, but based on that tweet, it certainly sounds like Des will have a reason to celebrate at the end of her journey for love.

Do you think Brooks will come back for Desiree?


Image via ABC

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