'RHOC' Gretchen Rossi Says Slade Smiley Will Always Be in Debt

Gretchen RossiAndy Cohen was full of Mazels for Gretchen Rossi tonight when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live. She was sporting both her ring from Slade and the one from her deceased fiance, Jeff. When Andy mentioned that the other RHOC women have given her a lot of flak for wearing that ring, she offered, "Screw them, I'm going to wear it until I die."

Comments were coming in via Twitter from people who didn't think that her calling Slade's brother Kent "the Swamp People version of Slade" was very nice (it wasn't!). She just giggled away the critique and said she couldn't come up with anything else with which to associate him. Seeing as how she couldn't even identify one of the most famous scenes in literature as coming from Romeo and Juliet, I suppose we should give her a bit of a break. And Kent really got his due when 85 percent of viewers voted that they'd rather see more of Kent than Slade on the next season of RHOC. Yes, please.


The other thing on everyone's minds as we watched Gretchen propose tonight to Slade -- what about his debt? Gretchen answered bluntly:

Slade's never going to be able to pay off his debt. He has a sick child, it’s always going to be millions and millions dollars of debt.

Good for her for being honest and for not trying to skirt around the issue. It's too bad, but at least no one can accuse her of marrying for money this time.

As for the other accusations made against her by the ladies, when Andy gave her 30 seconds to say whatever she wanted, she said she has proof for everything they've ever accused her of. She even brought a voicemail to the reunion that corroborates her Malibu Country story. "Bring it on, bitches," she said.

I'm sure they will.

Are you surprised that Gretchen is marrying Slade even though he'll always be in debt? Do you think that should affect her decision to marry him?


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