Farrah Abraham’s Sexy Billboard Is a Sad Reminder of What She’s Become (PHOTO)

I'm sorry, but I have to ask ... what in the world happened to Farrah Abraham? I know we all love to poke fun and roll our eyes at the Teen Mom, but seriously, what the hell is she doing with her life? It seems like she's constantly attending these sleazy nightclubs, and honestly I'm starting to feel really bad for the girl. With the reputation she's got now, the only thing she'll ever be known for is her sex tape. What a shame.

Didn't she want to open up her own restaurant? Wasn't she supposed to write more best-selling books? What happened to the young mom who wanted to set a good example for other girls?

It seems like Farrah has totally embraced this sex symbol status. It's like she doesn't care that people are gawking at her solely because she did the deed on camera. And now, the girl who once claimed that tape was never supposed to see the light of day is perfectly okay with being on a Gentlemen's Club billboard. Check out the photo that Farrah shared oh-so-proudly:


Yep, there she is. Blown up on Las Vegas boulevard for all to see. Farrah shared this photo with the caption: Look who is all over #LasVegas billboards :) can't wait! @CrazyHorselll Aug.20th! See you there.

This is sad, you guys. It's as if she wants to be associated with her sex tape. Other stars cringe at the mention of their dirty laundry, but Farrah? She seems happier than ever, and that just bums me out. She's had so many chances to turn her life around, but it seems like she's perfectly content with the lifestyle she's leading. And I think she can officially throw her dreams of being a role model out the window. Let's be real here, it's not like she's going to gentlemen's clubs for milk and cookies.

Are you surprised to see Farrah on a Gentlemen's Club billboard?

Image via F1abraham/Twitter

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