NeNe Leakes Sued by a Wedding Planner She Says She Never Even Hired

nene leakesIt wouldn't be true Real Housewives drama if someone wasn't getting sued, but this time, it's not one Housewife suing another one a la Adrienne and Brandi. Apparently NeNe Leakes' celebrity wedding planner is demanding NeNe fork over $2.5 million!! Considering her wedding didn't even cost that much, I think that's more than a wee bit ridiculous.

Okay, yes, it's been rumored that NeNe's wedding cost $1.8 million, and yes, that's more than most of us could even fathom spending, but hey, it's NeNe! Plus, it's been revealed that NeNe is the highest paid Housewife on Bravo, making $1 million plus bonuses for Real Housewives of Atlanta's sixth season, so there’s no doubt that NeNe can afford her wedding, so why wouldn’t she? Just because she decided to shell out mucho dinero doesn't mean that someone can come in and swoop up an undeserved profit from NeNe's nuptials.


Tiffany Cook, the woman who says she planned NeNe's wedding, filed a lawsuit claiming that she was promised 15 percent of the total cost of the wedding plus other fees ... oh, and the extra money from damages she thinks she deserves.

The main issue with this whole ordeal is that NeNe says that Tiffany wasn't even her wedding planner! Lady, I don't know who you think you are, but NeNe says she didn't even hire you. She says she hired a man named Tony Conway to plan her lavish wedding, which we'll all get to witness come this fall when her new show about her wedding airs on Bravo. (Who else is totally psyched about getting to watch a glamorous Housewife's wedding?!)

Unfortunately for NeNe, I'm thinking this so-called celebrity wedding planner is just looking for her 15 minutes of fame, especially since NeNe denies even hiring her. Being in the public eye brings along a lot of negatives, one of them being people constantly trying to steal your money. What a headache! NeNe isn't perfect, and she sure knows how to spend her money, but that doesn't mean she deserves to go through the hassle of lawsuit. Shame on you, Tiffany, shame on you.

What do you think of all of the wedding drama?


Image via Bravo

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