'True Blood' Recap: Not Even Billith's Blood Can Cure Hep V!

billThey say death comes three at a time, right?? At least that's what they say in real life, so why should True Blood be any different? Cause True Blood and real life have so much in common, usually ... ha! Anyway. True Blood season 6 did lose another major character tonight, BUT ... this death was nothing like the previous two. Don't worry, I'll follow proper spoiler alert protocol and wait a while to name the deceased, it's just that ... okay, it's like this. See, when Terry died, we were super sad. When Governor Burrell died, we were super happy. When THIS character died, we were sort of sad ... but in a very different kind of way than when Terry died. Because while we loved Terry, we kind of hated this character. Or if we didn't full-on hate him or her, we certainly won't miss him or her. 

But somebody else -- somebody we love even more than we loved Terry -- WILL miss this character, and that makes us sad ...


Yes, that somebody is Eric Northman, and the now dead character he'll miss is his "sister" Nora. Lillith rest her soul! 

Poor Eric. We knew his "last-ditch effort" to save Nora wasn't going to work even before we knew that effort involved Billith's bionic blood. Or not so bionic, as it turns out. If Billith's blood doesn't cure Hep V, what will? Maybe Warlow's blood? Hopefully Bill is right about the faerie vamp's blood having enough magic to keep Eric from bursting into flame when the sun comes out in that circular white room at vamp camp ... cause if Eric goes? "Sad" is an understatement, friends.

Do you think Warlow's blood will keep Eric safe from the sun?

Image via HBO

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