Michael J. Fox's New NBC Sitcom Role Is One He's 'Born & Bred' to Play

Michael J. FoxWho else is super-excited to check out Michael J. Fox's new NBC sitcom when it premieres on September 26th? Yes, my friends -- he's finally making his return to TV in a new show called simply, The Michael J. Fox Show.

And the basis of the show couldn't be more in line with Michael's own life. He'll be playing a character named Mike Henry, an anchorman for NBC who had to leave his job after being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease -- and is now getting back in the saddle again years later.

Sound familiar?


Michael left Spin City in 2000 after his own diagnosis with Parkinson's, and here we are in 2013 anxiously awaiting his big return.

As for how the new show will play out, Michael explains, "The pilot deals more with Parkinson's. That gets less as it goes on. We didn't craft a message. We had a story we wanted to tell and we did it."

He also said that getting back on-screen is something he's more than ready for, saying this is what he is "born and bred to do." But even though he took such a long hiatus from TV, it certainly sounds like he made the most of it. He added, "I spent time with my family during my kids' formative years. It was great. At least it was great for me. You'd have to ask them how they feel."

Ha ha ha! It's obvious that he hasn't lost one shred of his comedic personality, something we'll thankfully all have the pleasure of seeing more of in the coming months.

(But I don't care what character he comes back as -- he'll always be Alex P. Keaton to me.)

Will you tune in for the premiere of Michael's new show in September?


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