'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock's Engagement Ring Will Be Totally Over the Top (SPOILERS)

Desiree HartsockWe're all dying to know whether or not Desiree Hartsock will get engaged on The Bachelorette finale. If she does wind up finding the man of her dreams -- we'll be dying to see the ring on her finger!

Let's just go ahead and be materialistic for a second. One of the biggest perks of being The Bachelorette is scoring a fat piece of engagement bling courtesy of jeweler Neil Lane, right?

Dude. What guy in his right mind wouldn't want to let ABC foot the bill for such a hefty purchase?



Supposedly Desiree does get engaged on the finale, and somehow Wetpaint managed to get descriptions for both engagement rings she is presented with by her two final suitors.

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There's no word on which ring is used by which dude, but based on the photos of the baubles from Neil Lane -- Des really can't go wrong with whomever she says yes to.

Let's take a look at both rings and then pick out our fave.

Ring A is a whopping four carats, with a round main stone and a pave band. And it's a bargain at $65,000.

 engagment ring

Ring B, however, is much pricier at $95,000, but it weighs in at four-and-a-half carats and has a square-cut stone with diamonds on the band as well.

 engagment ring


Damn. Des is one very lucky lady. But duh, let's hope she chooses the second one. It's bigger. And much more elegant. And just so ... over-the-top amazing. (It would look SO great on my ring finger. I mean Des' ring finger.)

But I guess either one will suffice -- although it will really suck if she sees the ring she could've had versus the one she winds up getting and wishes she had that one instead.

Ok, your turn -- which ring would you choose?


Images via ABC/Neil Lane

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