'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Is the Perfect Addition to 'DWTS' Season 17 Cast (PHOTO)

Maci BookoutWhile ABC is busy trying to figure out who to cast on Dancing With the Stars season 17 -- they really ought to give a decent amount of consideration to casting Teen Mom star Maci Bookout.

(I know, why didn't anyone think of this before?)

I mean, take a look at this pic she posted on Instagram of herself and some cute little dude doing a photo shoot for Chattanooga's Dare to Dance.

Doesn't this look exactly like one of the promo shots for DWTS? And can't you just picture her posing with someone like Mark Ballas instead of whoever the heck this guy in the photo is?

OMG. She's perfect for the gig.


Especially since ABC is hoping to woo a younger audience with the season 17 cast. Yep, that's the word on the street -- they want to try and draw in viewers from a different demographic than the peeps who usually tune in for the show.

And the only way to get these crazy kids interested in watching ballroom dancing is by casting people who already have a very loyal fan base with the younger crowd. Duh, if anyone fits into that category, it's Maci for sure. Out of all the Teen Moms, she really seems like the most loved and respected. Her fans won't be able to resist watching her dance each week if ABC makes her part of the cast.

DWTS seems to have a certain affinity for throwing reality TV stars into the mix, so it's almost a little strange that they haven't already asked a Teen Mom star to appear on the show. And if any of them can handle the pressure and dedication being on DWTS takes, it's Maci for sure. She's a mature girl with a great head on her shoulders, so something tells me she'd commit to doing her best and would wholeheartedly go after the mirror ball trophy.

So -- what do you think? Should Maci be on DWTS, and would you vote for her each week?


Image via Instagram

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