Get Jenelle Evans' Perfectly Straight Hair in 5 Easy Steps

Jenelle EvansWhen it comes to summertime hair, I'm all about putting it up or off to the side. Whether it's a sock bun like Teen Mom Kailyn Lowry or some sort of fancy side braid, it's so much easier to forget the headaches of frizz and humidity and get my strands out of the way. With that said, I envy women who manage to have perfect, flawless straight hair even in the midst of summer. A perfect example? Jenelle Evans.

Sure, the Teen Mom star may not always make the best of decisions when it comes to her personal life, but girl knows a thing or two about hair care. Read on to find out how to get Jenelle's super straight strands on your own:


1. Detangle: Before you even go to blow dry your hair, make sure to get all of the knots and kinks out.

2. Oil up: The right serum or argan oil can make all of the difference. Besides helping weigh your hair down a little, it also makes your strands look shinier. Biggest tip? Make sure to apply the product when wet. My go-to picks: Josie Maran argan oil ($14, and Aussie Miraculously Smooth Smoothing Serum ($4.97,

Perfect_Straight_Hair_Tips3. Blow dry correctly: Let your hair air dry until you think your strands are at least 50 percent dry. Then, take your hair in sections and dry it using a nozzle attachment and a round brush. The nozzle attachment directs the heat from the dryer at the exact area you're working on, and helps set your strands straight.

4. Silicone serum: Using a silicone serum, a water-resistant product that protects your hair from the effects of humidity, is a MUST in the summer. Apply the serum to your strands immediately after blow-dry is complete, and give 5 minutes to set in. My go-to? Kerastase Nutritive Oleo-Relax Serum ($32,

5. Iron away: The last step? Go over your hair with a flat iron. The heat from the straightener will set your style and help hold your look.

Do you have any tricks to keeping your hair straight in the summer?


Image via j_evans8209/Instagram

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