Chris Colfer's Cory Monteith Tribute Is Beautiful & Perfect

chris colfer cory monteithIt's been nearly two weeks since Glee's Cory Monteith died, and there was one significant costar we still hadn't heard from. Yesterday at last Chris Colfer broke his silence with a loving tribute to his friend. He posted a screen shot from an interview he did with Cory. "I'll never forget all the laughs we shared or the faces we made after awkward interview questions. Love and miss you, buddy," reads the caption.

Beautiful. I love everything about it -- the frozen shot of a fleeting image, the two of them together, the way it's on a TV screen, since that's what brought them together. I love that Chris found a very particular memory, the faces they made after awkward interview questions, and that it's a funny memory. And I love that Chris looks a little wistful in the photo, but Cory is grinning. And of course, there's Chris' sly reference to the false gay rumors that followed them. (Well, that's how I read it.)


I can understand why it's taken Chris a while to respond to Cory's death. It must have been a great disappointment. I don't know how much of a shock it was. I think he and others were aware that Cory was struggling, and maybe they knew this terrible end was always a possibility, even while they hoped it would never happen. Still, it would be a terrible emotional blow, and who can blame Chris for taking some time to privately mourn and mull it all over.

And maybe Chris also felt it would be more appropriate for people who were closer to Cory -- like Lea Michele -- to make their statements first. But of course fans still want to hear from Chris as well, and we're all glad he finally did. This was just perfect. We'll probably hear more from him soon enough.

What do you think of Chris Colfer's tribute to Cory Monteith?


Image via hrhchriscolfer/Instagram

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