Juan Pablo Galavis & Zak Waddell Lip-Sync in Sexy Play to Be the Next ‘Bachelor’ (VIDEO)

juan pablo bachelorette lip-syncing bruno mars when i was your manIf we learned one thing from The Bachelorette season 9 Men Tell All special this week, it's that ladies love them some Juan Pablo! Oh, and also that even though rumors are flying that Juan Pablo is a serious contender to be the next Bachelor, Zak Waddell -- pullin' out his guitar and singing that original country tune to Desiree -- seems to be making a serious play, too! Even if there's some healthy competition between these two reality TV hotties, it looks like they're also friends. Who hang out when they're not shooting something for ABC. With Zak's brother, Denton!

Yesterday, Juan Pablo posted an Instagram video of himself lip-syncing Bruno Mars's "When I Was Your Man" while driving around with Zak and Denton, noting, "First time with Featurings on my #JuanPaMusicVid... Thanks to @realzakwaddell and @dentonwaddell... When I Was Your Man." And yes, it's as OMG-worthy as you're thinking. Check it out ...


Um, yes, I'll take some more of THAT, pleaseee. And it certainly raises the question of whether we will be getting more of that from either Juan Pablo or Zak?! Sure, the boys could have just been having some harmless, non-self-promotional fun here ... But I wouldn't be surprised if ABC is all about floating something like this to see what the fan reaction's like. It's obviously a fun, harmless way to pit the two potential Bachelors against one another and see who the women are more head over heels for. In my humble opinion, there's no competition ... It's studly former soccer player Juan Pablo all the way. 

Thoughts on this priceless vid? Who would you rather see become the next Bachelor?

Image via Instagram

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