Brandi Glanville New Book Title Is Absolutely Crazy

brandi glanvilleWhen Brandi Glanville said she wouldn't be dishing on Eddie and LeAnn in her second book, my dramatic eye-roll could be seen from miles away. Yeah. Right. I mean, she pretends she hates the devilish duo, but come on, she secretly loves the attention she gets from talking about them. It's an absolute goldmine!

However, she seems to really want to end all of this "failed marriage" business and pave a new path for herself. And who could blame her? The problem is if she's not spilling the dirt on Eddie, then what else does she have to talk about?


Well according to a tweet from Brandi, her new book is going to be called ... drumroll, please ... Drinking, Dating, and Medicating. Now that's a title!

Brandi could totally be pulling our leg and giving us a fake title to appease our appetites for more deets on her crazy fabulous life, or she could be telling us ... the truth. Either way, she has a enough sass to make sure that anything she writes is going to please her fans. Let's hyper-analyze this title and see if there's any truth in the tweet:

1. Drinking. No surprise that "drinking" is in the title; we all know it's one of her favorite pastimes (and we love her for it)! Also, her last book was titled Drinking and Tweeting, so it could be a nice connection to her next tell-all tale.

2. Dating. No lies there. Brandi has already revealed that her second book is going to focus on her relationships.

3. Medicating. Now here is where it gets a little tricky. Brandi has been known to be an open book (and that's the way we like her!), but is she actually going to dedicate a third of her book to self-medicating? I don't think so. I have no doubt that she has the guts and fierceness to tell it like it is when it comes to any aspect of her life, but I think she might be messing around with us. A girl's gotta have some fun, right?

All I can say is that if she pulls off this book without harping on all of the Eddie and LeAnn drama, then she can proudly say that she's officially moved on. And you know what? She deserves a drink for that.

Will you be reading Brandi's new book? Why or why not?


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