'Teen Mom 3' Dad Claims He Never Wanted to Be on TV

Matt McCannAlex Sekella is a name we would all do well to remember. As one of the four stars of Teen Mom 3, we are about to see a whole lot of her. Today, though, it's Alex's ex-boyfriend (and baby daddy) Matt McCann who is making headlines.

Apparently, McCann never wanted to be on Teen Mom 3 or on 16 and Pregnant and his obvious drug use and issues have made life hard for him. He claims his mom signed the form with MTV. It's totally possible. I am sure she saw the dollar signs and was all, "where do I sign?" He was under 18, so it's possible. On the other hand, come on.

Look, MTV exploits these kids. There is no question about it. MTV gets huge ratings off the mistakes of young kids. And yet, they are making their own choices. We can't simultaneously say these kids are too young to vote, sign contracts, or be on TV AND say they are old enough to have kids.


They are famous because their lives are clusterf***s. Sorry, but it's true. If they followed the healthy trajectory -- high school, college, living on their own, marriage, baby -- they wouldn't be on TV. So why not revel in it?

I understand that when you are a messed up person, it's embarrassing, and there is no doubt this kid has a lot to do to get his life together. But he can't blame his mom or MTV for his troubles. That's all on him.

Sadly, he is an addict, but that IS the reality for a lot of teen moms. They have babies with totally unsuitable men because they are too young to make responsible decisions. It's part of the tragedy of most teen pregnancies. Sure, some have happy endings, but not most. Not by a long shot. Many other people turn out like Jenelle Evans or Amber Portwood.

It sounds like McCann may end up being the male equivalent of some of the more messed up women who have been on the show. It makes for good TV. Let's not pretend MTV is being altruistic in their work. They are loving all the controversy. And yet, ultimately, it's McCann's responsibility to get it together and behave well. If he doesn't, that's on him.

Do you think MTV is exploiting these kids?


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