‘Downton Abbey’ Teaser Photos Debut the Other Baby George – Lady Mary’s Son!

downton abbey calendarAll right, all right, enough talk about the Royal Baby. Let's talk about the Downton babies. Did anyone remember that Mary and Matthew named their baby GEORGE? How prescient of them. Want to meet George and his elder cousin, Sybil? New photos from Downtown Abbey Season 4 have surfaced within the pages of a 2014 calendar. And there we catch a glimpse of the youngest members of the house. Already!

Like all things Downton, the Brits get theirs first and we have to wait until August. Dah! But it's okay, because kind people overseas have gone and scanned in pages of the calendar so we can still see the wee babes.


That doesn't mean I can post them here on The Stir, though (porque no hay permission). But I can point you in the right direction if you promise to come right back over here so we can discuss. All right? Right. So here we have Tom Branson and Sybil II. You may now commence fainting from the cute. And here's one with Tom and little Sybil with Mary and George. Whew, that's one severe look on Mary's face, isn't it? I'd hate to face her after throwing a ball into a window.

There's more, of course. Here's Edith with her married-to-madwoman-in-the-attic beau Michael Gregson sharing a knowing smile. So looks like that's still going on in Season 4 (excellent). And that's about all the scoop I've been able to scope from these calendar pics so far.

A whole fleet of 2014 Downton Abbey calendars awaits your perusal, by the way. An embarrassment of riches, hahaha. No, but I mention this in case you want the Downton Abbey calendar with the children. The others feature just the adult characters, not that there's anything wrong with that. Anyway, I'm especially charmed by little Sybil. Think she'll be as feisty a toddler as her mother was as an adult? Probably more so.

What do you think of the two babies of Downton Abbey?


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