'Breaking Bad' Teaser Photos Hint at Devastation to Come in Final Season

Breaking BadI know I JUST wrote about Breaking Bad, but now that the premiere is getting closer (August 11th! Yeah, bitch! MAGNETS!), promotions for the final eight episodes are starting to kick into high gear. AMC took the interesting step of releasing a highlight reel focused on the biggest moments of the show to date rather than giving us any preview clips of the last shows of the series, but when it comes to hints and teases from the cast and crew, the floodgates are officially open.

The consensus on the last half of the fifth and final season of Breaking Bad? In a nutshell: get ready, because it's going to be a hell of a ride.


Not that it's a huge surprise that a show known for emotionally destroying its viewers on a weekly basis isn't planning to end on a light note. But unless the Breaking Bad team is writing checks their butts can't cash, these last episodes are going to be even more shocking than what we've seen in the past.

From Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman:

This season slaughters every past season. We're burning every bridge, but we're not being dark just to be dark. It just plummets.

Anna Gunn, who plays Skyler:

It's not pretty — it's as it should be. It's a painful place: the crumbling of every single character.

Creator Vince Gilligan:

This is a race to the finish. We leave it all on the field. No loose ends go untied. It's a fast-moving eight episodes.

Dean Norris, who plays Hank:

This last eight, they've outdone themselves. It's going out on a huge note. All of my favorite episodes are going to be in these last eight. This season is Hank's revenge.

Betsy Brandt, who plays Hank's wife, Marie:

(The finale is) true to each of the characters, to who they are. My last day, I didn't want to go into work. I was crying before I went into hair and makeup.

If those tidbits don't pique your curiosity about what's to come in the final episodes, check out these images released from AMC as part of a set of character portraits:

You can see the rest of the cast portraits here, but the above two are the ones that really jump out at me. How menacing is Jesse with that gun, and who's he pointing it at? What's with Skyler, Walt, and the mysterious burial?

My vague predictions are that Walt will kill Hank, but not before Hank ruins what's left of Walt's life -- and Jesse will kill Walt. But those are just guesses, because really, I have no idea. All I do know is I can't wait to find out.

A final word on Breaking Bad's ending, from Vince Gilligan:

I hope that for the vast majority of viewers it will be a satisfying ending. That was really what drove us, the writers and myself. And sometimes satisfaction and happiness are words that become somewhat interchangeable. I think actually there is a fair bit of distinction between them. I think what we’ve accomplished is a satisfying ending. There’s probably some happiness and some sadness going hand in hand. Suffice it to say, it’s not going to be all peaches and cream.  

What do you think of these photos? Got any ideas about what we'll be seeing in the final eight shows?

Images via AMC

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