Jenelle Evans Says She’s in a ‘Perfect’ Relationship Like She Would Know

jenelle evans nathan griffithLove is... going for two whole months without an argument. Daww! And to Teen Mom's Jenelle Evans, that makes her relationship perfect. She just tweeted, "I love the fact that @GroundLevelUp and my relationship is so perfect we have not had ONE argument with each other in 2 months since dating!" That is just so dang cute -- I love how low these two kids set the bar for success. You can't help but win with those standards, can you? Gee, sixty whole days and no one's called the police? It's your Golden Anniversary! Break out the crystal goblets.


Oh, I know I should give Jenelle a little more credit than that. For her, this is probably a really big deal. Usually by the two-month relationship mark either someone's in jail, or she's broken up and gotten back together with her husband/boyfriend at least twice. Two months without an argument, ZOMG. Nathan Griffiths must be one special man -- or maybe he's just the only guy she's ever dated who wasn't totally nuts or drug addled.

Should we tell her, though, that in Normal People Land, two months is just the easy, early phase of a relationship? Two months along and this is the only argument you're having: You hang up. No YOU hang up. NO YOU! Oh wait, no, you're probably having this one, too: I love you more. No, I love YOU more! No way! I love YOU more.

I'm sorry I just made you throw up in your mouth.

Anyway, at some point Jenelle and Nathan are going to have an argument. Even mature, non-kookoo couples do it. Happens to everyone. And I hope they can both handle it. Because the truth is, never arguing doesn't make a relationship perfect. A healthy, happy relationship will have its share of disagreements. Hopefully, though, you're both fighting fair. That's what Jenelle will need to learn how to do before she can call her relationship truly "perfect."

How much longer do you think Jenelle and Nathan will last before their first argument?


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