Juan Pablo Galavis as the Next 'Bachelor'? Yes! Yes! Yes!

Juan Pablo GalavisDeep. Breaths. I don't want to get my hopes up, but there's a new report saying Juan Pablo Galavis is the next Bachelor -- or at least the job is his for the taking if he wants it.

(Holy sh&%.)

Yep. Apparently ABC has offered him the spot, which means they finally splurged and bought themselves a clue as to what type of dude makes for a great Bachelor. And while nothing is written in stone quite yet, it looks like there's a good chance that Juan Pablo will accept the offer -- and then we can all go ahead and faint over the idea of getting to watch this delicious hunk of a man for an entire season.

And now I feel like we should all thank Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock for dumping him -- especially the lucky ladies who wind up getting a chance to win his heart. (One woman's trash is another's treasure.)


Oh boy. Can you even imagine how insane the 25 chicks who are cast to date him will go when they find out he's the Bachelor? (If he takes the job.)

I mean, what woman with half a pulse wouldn't want to marry this dude and have a bunch of his babies and live happily ever after? Let's go ahead and state the obvious -- Juan Pablo is sexy as hell. Just LOOK at him! Those eyes. That athletic, masculine bod. And don't even try and tell me that he couldn't talk you into bed in a heartbeat with his accent. (Um, girls will be trying to get the key to the fantasy suite on the first night for sure.)

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But aside from all the physical stuff -- Juan Pablo is also the perfect Bachelor because he's kind-hearted, warm, and he's totally head-over-heels in love with his daughter, which is about the most attractive damn quality a man can have. If he's that enamored of her -- think how well he will treat his future wife! (I'm so jealous of whoever she is I can hardly stand it. Life really isn't fair.)

Ok, I'm already a little bit too excited about this possibility and it isn't even a done deal yet -- so how the hell am I supposed to be able to control myself if Juan Pablo's season of The Bachelor actually happens?!?

Whew. Is it getting hot in here? If I'm already this worked up, odds are good I'll need either a cold shower or a cigarette (or both) after watching his episodes each week.

And I think it's pretty safe to say I'm not the only married woman who will be sitting at home drooling at the TV and praying her husband doesn't notice if Juan Pablo winds up being the Bachelor. (Ok, you're right. Most of us won't even care if our husbands catch us salivating over this dude.)

PLEASE GOD let this be TRUE!

Do you think Juan Pablo would make a good Bachelor?


Image via ABC

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