'Teen Mom' Star With Miss America Dreams Wants You to Pay for It

Jo Rivera Kailyn LowryAndy Warhol said we're all due our 15 minutes of fame, but one Teen Mom 2 star is trying for a little bit more. Remember Vee Torres, girlfriend of Jo Rivera, aka the girl who made Kailyn Lowry so insanely mad she stomped off the stage during a reunion special with Dr. Drew? Looks like she's not satisfied playing a bit part on a reality show anymore. She's hitting the pageant circuit!

Oh, and she seems to be counting on her Teen Mom fame to help her along the way.


Vee, whose real name is Vetzabe Torres, has thrown her hat into the ring to be the next Miss New Jersey, a stepping stone to Miss America. The model who first met Kail's baby daddy when she starred in one of his music videos made her big announcement on GoFundMe, a crowdfunding website, where she's set a goal of $2,000.

Vee Torres Teen Mom 2That's right, she wants people to help pay her way to the pageant. And it looks like it might happen. She's already got Jo's parents on the hook for $100 each, and Jo is using his sizeable Twitter following as a reality star to get attention for her cause.

Being a reality star certainly won't hurt when it comes to getting funds.

But could the information that's come out on Teen Mom 2 end up hurting Vee in the long run? Kail made a very public stink over Vee's alleged drug use, particularly photos of her with a gas mask and a bong, and the possible bad influence she'd have over her little boy, Isaac.

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That's not exactly the kind of thing that screams "girl we want representing our state." Beauty queens have lost their crowns for less over the years.

Do you think her appearances on Teen Mom 2 will help Vee or hurt her in her quest to be a beauty queen?


Images via MTV; Go Fund Me

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