'Bachelorette' Men Tell All Special: 5 Dramatic Moments We Can't Wait to See

Desiree HartsockCan you believe The Bachelorette "Men Tell All" special airs tonight? Where the heck did Desiree Hartsock's season go? It seems like she just got dumped by Sean Lowe started her search for love like five seconds ago, and now we've only got one week to go before the finale. (Apparently time flies when you're addicted to reality TV bullsh%&.)

According to Wetpaint, we can expect plenty of "confrontation and drama" on the "Men Tell All" show, which definitely makes it sound like we're in for a treat this evening.

Hmm. Confrontation and drama. Based on that little description, here are five moments we can probably expect (and hope) to go down.

  1. James' self-defense plea -- There's no way we're getting through this show without James being questioned about those incriminating comments he made about wanting to be the next Bachelor. And based on how weepy he got when Desiree confronted him about his words the first time, let's keep our fingers crossed that we have the pleasure of seeing James do the ugly cry yet again.
  2. Michael and Ben's lovers' spat -- OMG. The two-on-one date they went on with Des was humiliating and awkward as hell, to say the least. Remember how Michael questioned Ben's love for his kid, as well as his Christian beliefs? I'm sure they'll jump at the chance to tear each other's heads off one more time, and hopefully Ben won't be as composed this time around. Wouldn't it be great to see them duke it out, then kiss and make up?
  3. Brian's return -- Ok, so there are rumors going around that Brian didn't even come to the "Men Tell All" special because he was too scared to attend or something like that. But he's also supposedly back together with Stephanie, the girlfriend he didn't disclose when he went on the show -- so it would be major awesomesauce if the two of them turned up tonight happily in love all over again.
  4. Bryden's big explanation -- Ugh. It was just plain weird when Bryden interrupted Des' one-on-one date with Chris in Munich and told her he wanted to leave the show. Maybe we'll get a few more answers out of him tonight? But something tells me Des isn't going to be too pleased with whatever he has to say.
  5. Zak W.'s heartbreak -- Poor Zak. He was totally caught off-guard when Des sent him packing after the hometown dates. And what about that ring he gave her? I wonder if he still has it or if he opted to return it? It will be interesting to hear from him and see whether or not he's ready to move on or if he's still not over Desiree.

Who are you most excited to hear from on the "Men Tell All" special?


Image via ABC

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