'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Teresa Giudice & Joe Gorga Have an Emotional Breakthrough & Melissa Gorga Isn't Going to Like It

Teresa GiudiceThings got bad tonight on RHONJ. Real bad. We saw the fight between Joe Gorga and Joe Giudice play out and end with everyone fuming and covered in Joe Gorga's black hairspray (so perfect!). The team builders were scared sh*tless, and everyone was ready to pack it up and leave.

Only no one did. They stayed. Unfortunately, that meant we had to witness one of the most disturbing scenes Real Housewives has ever shown -- Teresa and Joe Giudice having sexy time in the bathtub. The fact that the poor waiter had to come in and serve them champagne in the midst of it was excruciating to watch. I shudder just thinking about it.

Fortunately, it also brought about one of the most touching scenes of all time. 


Joe Gorga was at his breaking point after the fight. Melissa Gorga only made things worse. She wouldn't even leave the room when Teresa wanted to talk to Joe alone, and she was doing everything she could to get digs in about her, even making fun of her business endorsements and blaming Teresa for not breaking up the fight. It was very clear that Melissa did NOT want her husband to make up with Teresa no matter what (and I question if she ever really has). It didn't seem like she had anything to worry about either ... for awhile. Joe was done. He called Teresa evil, the devil, his worst enemy, and of course, scum. At one point he said, "I hate her."

Then Dr. V with her blonde hair, but Italian vagina (WTF does that mean?), entered. Even she thought a reconciliation wasn't going to happen at first, and she called Teresa in so Joe could tell her he just wasn't ready. But when Teresa broke down, that brother-sister bond took over, and they had a touching moment in which they kissed, hugged, and sobbed with one another. It was incredibly sweet and emotional to watch after so much pain between them. There is still love there.

Melissa Gorga isn't going to like it though, and she's probably going to be their biggest hurdle toward rebuilding their relationship. Hopefully Joe will be on high alert for evidence of all of her little antics designed to pull him and Teresa apart. Not that Tre is totally innocent either. She's going to have to distance herself from Kim D. and others who try to do the same.

Previews for next week look much lighter, so I'm hopeful that this really is the beginning of their healing. We're not there yet, but it certainly can't get any worse. And can I just say how very thankful I am that Caroline isn't going to get credit for their reconciliation. Even though Teresa called and begged her to come, she had nothing to do with this breakthrough. I don't think I could take her ego if she did prompt it ... though that doesn't mean she won't try to take credit for it.

Do you think this is the start of healing? Do you think Melissa will put up resistance?


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