Jenelle Evans Calls Herself the ‘B’ Word – She Said It, We Didn’t!

jenelle evans another car selfieI have some shocking Teen Mom news here. You are NOT! Going! To believe it! Are you ready? Make sure you're sitting down first and hold onto your hats. It concerns our favorite, most sweet-tempered and trouble-free Teen Mom. Jenelle Evans says she's a bitch sometimes just because. "Sometimes ill be a bitch just to be one, hahahaha! Ask @GroundLevelUp, he completely understands me to a TEE!" she tweeted yesterday to no one's great surprise.

OMG, right? Really, Jenelle. You don't say.


Okay, but that said, this is classic Jenelle Evans, isn't it? I love how honest she is about her temperament. I mean, we pretty much know this already. In one short tweet she's pretty much summarized almost her entire MO in life. It's her entire world view. Jenelle Evans 101, right there all right.

But if I'm honest with myself, I have to admit I can kind of relate. Maybe I'm not a bitch just to be one quiiite as often as she is. But don't you ever just get a case of the mean reds for no reason (hormones) (kids) (painful women's shoes) (life stuff) and feel like unleashing some of your wrath on the world -- even though the world so does not deserve your wrath?

I'm not Jenelle's age, nor am I a reality TV star, though. So I have to keep a lid on it -- and I do, most of the time. But I like knowing I can deploy my inner bitch when I need to. Sometimes I'll be a bitch... just because I need to be one.

Are you ever a bitch just to be one?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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