'Glee' Shouldn't Be Canceled After Cory Monteith's Tragic Death (VIDEO)

Cory MonteithWith the news that The Glee Project is being canceled, the question that naturally follows is: Given Cory Monteith's awful death, should Glee be canceled as well? Network execs say The Glee Project's cancellation has nothing to do with Monteith's overdose, but Fox officials are still deciding what's next for Glee itself. 

I hope that whatever they do, they don't decide to cancel the series -- for Cory's sake.


So much of what made Glee, especially that first season, such a great show were the performances. It's impossible to imagine what the series would have been like without Cory Monteith's adorable, confused, sweet, talented and handsome Finn Hudson. And yes, it's so hard (for Monteith's loved ones especially, I'd think) to imagine the show going on without him. But that's exactly why I hope it does.

I understand the impulse to think the whole franchise should just be finished. When my little sister died just after Christmas last year, I couldn't believe the Earth didn't stop spinning on its axis. Why were people still walking around the grocery store and driving down the street, when life as I knew it felt like it had ended completely and forever? How dare the sun keep rising every morning and spreading beautiful sunsets across the sky every evening? "THE WORLD IS CANCELED!" I wanted to scream at strangers innocently going about their business.

Seven months later, I still feel like that, to an extent. Some days, some moments, are better than others, but every birthday and holiday since has been awful. I find myself, in the middle of this beautiful summer, truly dreading Thanksgiving and, especially, Christmas. But at the same time, through this process of grieving, I also know that it is right, and good, that the world is going on, that MY world is going on. It's right that my family and I are continuing to live our lives, even while it's incredulous to us that we are able to.

Losing someone doesn't mean losing everything they were, nor does it mean losing everything that person means to you. Mourning someone doesn't have to be about a denial of life moving forward. Instead, it helps me so much to try and keep a constant awareness and appreciation of who my sister was, and who she will always be to me.

I miss my her so much, and I'm angry -- so very, very angry -- about her death. But I'm also so darn grateful that I got to know her, that I got to spend 25 years on this planet with her. She is a part of me forever, and I will always do my best to remember her, and honor her, and stay as connected as I can with her. I will not put away my sister's photos, or the things that remind me of her, even though they re-break my already broken heart. I don't want people to stop sharing stories about her, or speaking her name, because as hard as it can be, those memories bring me fierce joy. And I hope that's what the producers of Glee decide to do for poor, lost Cory Monteith. Carry on with life, carry on with this creation to which he gave so much. Show his character's face, speak his name, let him live on as all our lost loved ones live on in our hearts.

That's the best way to honor Monteith and to celebrate his all too brief life.

Do you think Glee should be canceled?


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