'Bachelor' Winner Catherine Giudici's Hardcore Workout Plan Sounds Like It Could Hurt

catherine giudiciAfter winning The Bachelor and Sean Lowe's heart, all eyes were on Catherine Giudici. The woman seems to love being in the spotlight, so it's no surprise she's down for getting married in front of TV cameras galore. It's also no surprise that she's gung-ho about what appears to be a really hardcore pre-wedding workout regimen.

Back in March, she was reportedly doing the Bar Method -- or barre, a Pilates, yoga, strength training, and orthopedic stretching workout -- three times per week at her favorite studio in Seattle and also by using the DVDs while traveling. More recently, Catherine tweeted about her exercise routine, confessing to the Twitterverse on Friday, "Gym four days in a row. I'd pat myself on the back if I wasn't so sore." Eek!


I get it, we all go a little extreme before our wedding day. I definitely did. And I want to keep it up. Four days in a row rocks and is definitely doable. I was at the gym Wednesday through Saturday last week, doing serious interval training (sprints, squats, chest press, planks, you name it!). But Sunday, I chilled.

Sure, everyone's different in how much they can handle and how much rest they need based on what kinds of workouts they're doing, of course, but one thing's for sure -- everyone needs rest days. Otherwise, you really do risk burnout and/or injury. I've seen it happen, and sadly, it's probably something brides-to-be experience quite frequently, because of the pressure to look like your most ripped, amazing self. But believe me! Wedding planning is stressful enough without adding to it by pushing too far beyond your limits.

That said, hopefully Catherine took a time-out from her gym grind to let those muscles rest and chill out with her hubby-to-be.

Do you believe in rest days?


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