Chelsea Houska's Loose Waves Are Surprisingly Easy to Do (PHOTO)

chelsea houskaTeen Mom Chelsea Houska recently posted a photo, and my eyes immediately went straight to -- what else -- her hair. Chel's hair was as high as the day is long in the photo, natch. But what I really took notice of was how loose and, um, un-crunchy her curls were.

Of course I wasn't the only one to take note of how Victoria's Secret-esque the Teen Mom's hair looked in the pic. Houska was inundated with questions such as, "Girl, how'd you get that look?" And while she didn't respond to her fans' inquiries in this tweet, a follower of Chelsea's posted directions she had given a while back.

Guys, we now know how Chelsea Houska gets her loose waves. Get your curling irons ready, ladies. 


According to the fan, Chelsea uses a normal curling iron, but she just doesn't use the clamp, "she uses it if it were a wand." She then runs her fingers through her hair to get it extra loose. In other words, instead of wrapping your hair around the iron and holding it in place, just play around with your hair and the iron, never holding a piece in place too long. I'm also guessing Chelsea uses a spritz or 40 or some hairspray in order to keep the volume going.

Sounds easy enough to me. In fact, I may try this technique out this week. But my question for Chelsea is: How does she keep her hair looking so silky and shiny? With all the heat styling and products that are a part of her routine, shouldn't her hair be fried?

Chelsea? Random fans? Any help here?

Do you ever do loose, beachy waves?

Image via Chelsea Houska/Twitter

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