'Teen Mom 2' Stars Say Season 5 Is Coming Back So Why Won't MTV?

teen momsA photo that popped up on Jenelle Evans' Twitter feed this weekend is exactly what Teen Mom 2 fans have been waiting for. Well, almost. We'd really like to hear from MTV that the popular reality show is continuing.

But with the network remaining quiet on the future for Jenelle, Leah, Chelsea, and Kailyn, the photo of Jace will have to stand in as proof positive that season 5 is coming!


Jenelle's little boy is getting a mic pack on his back in the picture, which the Teen Mom posted with the words: "Who's a big boy nowwwww?!!!" Check it out:

Jenelle Evans son Jace

Come on! Why else would Jace get mic'd up other than for filming his mom's reality show? I don't need to connect the rather large dots here, y'all.

The question is, why hasn't MTV?

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The evidence that the show will go on continues to mount, from Jenelle's admission that she had backed out of a plan to buy a particular house because the homeowners' association wouldn't allow cameras on the premises to Leah Messer Calvert's husband's announcement that an MTV crew was slated to go into a furniture store to film.

We know it's happening.

So why does MTV leave us hanging?

After some of Jenelle's stunts earlier in the year, including that arrest for heroin, there may be some trouble lining up advertisers. There's also the news that the first season of Teen Mom 3 will air very soon. A Teen Mom 2 announcement might overshadow that, undoing the work the network has put in to make the new series distinct.

Or maybe it's this: every bit of evidence that the show is coming back is being met with excitement ... and the network is counting on that. The longer they don't confirm, the more buzz they can generate with the "leaks" from the girls.

What do you think? Is MTV hedging its bets here or counting on fans to come back when season 5 airs?


Images via MTV; Twitter

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