'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Joe Giudice & Joe Gorga Take Things From Bad to Scary

Teresa Giudice and Melissa GorgaHere. We. Go. The Real Housewives of New Jersey started the big retreat tonight, and shoes weren't even removed before the verbal jabs started flying. By the end, the jabs turned physical with Joe Giudice and Joe Gorga getting into an all-out brawl. Those poor team builders didn't stand a chance.

The only sane ones (in this instance anyway) were Jacqueline Laurita and Caroline Manzo, who chose not to come. Teresa was especially pissed that Jacqueline didn't show, since she dared her and all, and she thinks everything is all Jacqueline's fault. 

Joe Giudice revealed himself to be an even bigger ignorant pig than ever when he said he thinks Jacqueline uses her son, Nicholas, who has autism, as an excuse. "Autism isn’t really a bad disease ... some of them are like scientists." The man is simply loathsome.


As for Teresa, she refuses to accept any responsibility, and she definitely needs to take some of the blame. Not all, but some. She also really needs to move on from this Jacqueline issue, or at least set it aside from her issues with her brother. Jacqueline's tweet calling her a moron didn't help, but still, she's not there, and there are plenty of people there with whom Teresa has problems to work out.

So they began the team building exercises ... with a constant flow of alcohol paving the way. Talk about being on a collision course with danger.

All of Melissa Gorga's dramatic antics were on full display (on display) with her dropping to her knees at one point begging Teresa to stop hurting their family. She kissed her ring, bowed to "the queen," and it was really ridiculous to watch. As crazy as Teresa may be, Melissa isn't innocent in this whole mess at all, and with stunts like that, you can see why Teresa might not be her biggest fan.

The only one I feel even a remote ounce of sympathy for is Joe Gorga. He's truly caught in the middle of two crazy women, and it's not a place I'd wish on my own worst enemy. But even he has been pushed to a point where he can't hold back anymore ... and did not.

After Melissa called Teresa poison, Teresa told Joe to "get balls. Be a man. Stick with your family." His reply: "I'm not sticking with scum like you."

Teresa then rushed out to tell Juicy Joe, and it was all over after that. He went in to demand an apology, and as soon as he walked in, Joe Gorga charged him. Of course, Bravo ended things there with an annoying "to be continued", so we'll have to wait until next week to see what happens. Previews show things getting even uglier. While I'm dying to see what the outcome is (and hoping it's the rock bottom before recovery), more than anything I hope they show the expressions of those team builders watching this whole thing go down.

Who do you think behaved the worst tonight (the choices are plentiful)? Do you think this will be the start of some healing?


Image via Bravo

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