'Princesses: Long Island' Recap: Erica's Willing to Commit for a Swimming Pool

princesses long islandThis week we can thank Erica for making Princesses: Long Island something worth talking about. The self-proclaimed party girl (with a possible drinking problem), who would flirt with a rock if it meant she’d get some attention, is thinking about moving in with her boyfriend Rob. 

Um, excuse me? Erica's actually thinking of moving in with Rob?? The guy who seems to bore her to tears almost constantly? The guy she leaves at home while she disappears into club bathrooms with other men? Yeah, that sounds like a good idea.


Last week Erica spent the majority of the episode moaning about how “smothering” Rob was and yawning at him when he was trying to have a serious conversation with her about their relationship. I was convinced that Erica was on her way to kicking Rob to the curb so she could find a new flavor of the month. So I was a little more than shocked when I found out this episode that they are looking for a house to move into together. I mean, come on, she doesn’t even seem to like him!

She can’t sit through a conversation with Rob or about Rob without rolling her eyes, and according to what she told Amanda, she doesn’t like when Rob touches her. What?! She doesn’t like when her own boyfriend touches her? That is definitely not a good sign. Part of any healthy relationship is both a physical and emotional attraction, and right now, it looks like they don’t have either of those. The fact that she doubts whether or not Rob is “the one” for her is reason enough NOT to move in with him. 

Too bad Erica doesn’t seem to think moving in with a man you barely like is a big no-no. "At times," she says, "I’m not sure what I want, but if it comes with a swimming pool, I’m willing to roll the dice.”

You heard it, ladies. Moving in with your boyfriend shouldn’t be about love, it should be about the nice outdoor pool!

What do you think of Rob and Erica’s relationship? Do you think they should move in together?


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