'Sharknado' Is the So-Bad-It's-Good Movie Everyone’s Talking About (VIDEO)

SharknadoIf you happened to glance at Twitter last night, you probably noticed that every single human being on the face of the planet was talking about the exact same subject: Sharknado. Sharknado dominated social media to the tune of 80 tweets per second, thanks to the SyFy channel's surprising hit movie titled, you guessed it, Sharknado.

What the hell is a sharknado, you ask? Well, obviously a sharknado is a hurricane that sucks up a crap-ton of sharks from the ocean, then blasts out a tornado-driven sharkpocalypse over Los Angeles in a spectacularly cheesy B-movie starring Tara Reid and Ian Ziering. Even the movie's creators don't think you need more of an explanation, according to the Sharknado tagline: "Sharknado: Enough Said!"

For anyone who missed what was apparently the must-see TV event of the summer, here's everything you need to know about this fin-tastic flick:


What is a sharknado? It's a tornado that flings deadly sharks onto land. Seriously, we just covered this. Pay attention.

What was one of the best lines from Sharknado? By all accounts, it has to be this one: "Instead of letting live sharks rain down on people, we're going to get in that chopper and throw bombs into the tornadoes."

What's the best snark-nado review you've seen so far? Probably this one from TIME:

From the opening moments–an almost non sequitur high-seas showdown between an evil shark-fin buyer and more-evil shark-fin peddler that ends with both swallowed by balletic sharks–the movie signals its determination to efficiently get you the balls-out-crazy mayhem you want and not let narrative, budget constraints, or the laws of science get in the way. Sharknado spends about as much time setting up its premise and getting down to action as does a porn movie. Sharks are massing along the Pacific Coast because, um, science and global warming and crap. There’s a newsflash on TV, a storm whips up in front of Ziering’s bar, and soon the Pacific Ocean is selectively flooding L.A. while people are cold-cocking sharks with barstools like that’s just a thing that happens.

Do you have any GIFs from Sharknado? I certainly do:

Did actress Mia Farrow really watch it with author Philip Roth? Sadly, no. But Mia Farrow did tweet this:

Were there some other funny tweets about Sharknado? You bet your login button there were.

Can I see the movie trailer so I can fully appreciate the magic of Sharknado?

What did your 7-year-old son say when you told him he wasn't allowed to watch it? He was super bummed.

So tell me, did YOU watch Sharknado last night? If you didn't, are you sad you missed it?

Image via SyFy

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