The Next 'Bachelor': Jef Holm & 10 Other Guys Who May Get the Gig (PHOTOS)

Emily Maynard & Jef Holm

This is either going to make you really mad or incredibly excited. Supposedly Jef Holm is in talks to be the next Bachelor. Yep, a source says he's chatting with ABC about the possibility of taking on the role, which shouldn't come as a huge surprise since there's been speculation about him landing the gig for quite some time now.

I haven't exactly been shy about the fact that I have a sweet spot for Jef with one "F" -- so I can get behind him being the Bachelor for sure. (He's adorbs. I don't care what anyone says.)

But while he'd probably be a safe bet for ABC, there are quite a few other guys who would be perfect for the role as well.


Check out these photos to see 10 other dudes who ABC should seriously consider as the next Bachelor.


Image via ABC

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