Elisabeth Hasselbeck's Departure From 'The View' Is Disappointing

Elisabeth HasselbeckMonths after Barbara Walters squashed rumors that Elisabeth Hasselbeck was being booted from The View for her far-right views, news comes tonight that now she is officially on her way out. In fact, her last day on the show will be tomorrow, so she's not dragging her heels at all.

After 10 years on the ABC show, she's moving on to what will surely be friendlier waters. In September, she will begin a new gig co-hosting Fox & Friends. 


In a statement Hasselbeck said: "I have been a long-time fan of Fox & Friends and am excited to be joining their team in September as it is an honor to call the Fox News Channel my new television home."

Good for her I suppose. I'm sure it will be a nice to change to have someone else on her side for once, but I have to wonder if it will prove as stimulating for her. It sounds pretty boring to me after 10 years of arguing, debating, and fighting to be heard. Then again, maybe she needs a break.

I have to say I'm disappointed she's leaving The View. While I disagree with her on more than one (or a million) different issues, I've always admired Hasselbeck. I've even found myself rooting for her a bit when I disagree with her opinion, because I get so sick of the other ladies bulldozing her. As liberal as many of my leanings may be, I hate the kill-the-conservative-at-all-cost mentality to which I feel she was often subjected.

She's smart (debate that if you will), entertaining, opinionated, and has brought a lot of good debate to the show -- which is what The View is supposed to be about. Sure, she's made some big gaffes (who hasn't?) and has certainly  taken some extreme positions, but it's made for good TV. The show will surely suffer without her, and I'm going to really miss her ... though not enough to tune in to Fox & Friends.

Are you disappointed to see Elisabeth Hasselbeck leave The View? Who should take her place?

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