Jon Gosselin on 'DWTS' Season 17? This HAS to Be a Joke

Jon GosselinSoooooo, there's a new rumor going around that Jon Gosselin wants to be on Dancing With the Stars, because he thinks it will help him redeem his image and make the public fall in love with him, or something to that effect.

OMG. Is this for real? It can't be. (But it is.) Supposedly Jon thinks landing a spot on the DWTS season 17 cast roster is the perfect way to "reinvent himself" and make a little cash. Oh yeah, and apparently he thinks he can "kick Kate Gosselin's butt," which I guess we can interpret as him thinking he'll fare better than she did on the show. (Dare to dream, Jon.)

Um, are you cracking up at the thought of this dude stumbling across the ballroom floor yet? (I sure am.)


I guess on the one hand, it might not be a bad idea for ABC to give him the gig, simply because he's kind of a controversial guy and viewers will absolutely love to hate him -- which is definitely good for ratings.

But if this rumor is true and Jon does somehow manage to get himself cast -- he's going to fall smack dab into the role of the laughing stock of the entire show. (Every season has one.)

Seriously, who will root for him? Do you honestly know one person who genuinely likes the guy?

OMG. It'll be a miracle if he doesn't get booed right off the dance floor on the first night -- and you know Twitter users will have a field day dishing out insult after insult. If he's out to get some sort of revenge on Kate by doing the show, he's got another thing coming. Her social media following is pretty loyal and will tear him to pieces for sure.

And regardless of the opinion the public already has of him, I really can't imagine Jon being the next Fred Astaire. Oh come on, do you honestly believe that dude has any sort of natural rhythm? I highly doubt it. I mean, I suppose there's the chance he could totally surprise us and receive 10s from the judges after his very first performance, but I wouldn't put money on it.

I'm going to go ahead and make a prediction. If Jon does wind up as part of the next DWTS cast -- he won't make it past the first week before being sent home. Mark my words.

Do you think Jon Gosselin should be on DWTS?


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