'Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Teresa Giudice Doesn't Deserve All the Blame

Teresa GiudicePoor Teresa Giudice. I know -- it's not something I ever thought I'd say -- but after the last few episodes of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I feel like she's really trying to repair things with her brother, Joe Gora, and all everyone else wants to do is get in the way of that happening. And by everyone, I mean Melissa Gorga and Jacqueline Laurita mostly.

First up is Jacqueline, who keeps claiming that Teresa is losing it and needs professional help, when it's becoming increasingly clear that she herself may be the one who really needs it. While it's not cool that Teresa is blaming her for the problems she and Joe have, Jacqueline's outburst in the boutique was ridiculous. Even Kathy Wakile, from whose hand Jacqueline ripped the phone, agreed that Jacqueline went overboard. Jacqueline keeps insisting she's over the whole Teresa drama, when she seems quite obsessed with it.


Then there was Melissa, whose own best friend, Jan, told Teresa all about Melissa's alleged ongoing affair with an ex-boyfriend. Kim D. was egging the whole thing on, but it was Jan who told Teresa the dirty details. To her credit, Teresa didn't respond at all. In fact, to the cameras, she said that people say stuff about her and her husband all the time, and she knows it's not always true. She didn't stand up and defend Melissa, but she did say the talk made her uncomfortable, and she didn't contribute in any way.

Still, when Jennifer (who is a shady real estate agent just trying to score a listing) told Melissa what went down, Melissa deemed it all Teresa's fault ... once again. Should Teresa have defended her sister-in-law? Perhaps if they had a great relationship, but the truth is they don't, and Melissa certainly hasn't defended Teresa either. Melissa did confront Kim D. at the bar, and grossly defended herself by making out with her husband, but she still blames Teresa first and foremost.

I'm not saying Teresa is entirely innocent, but it's getting old having everyone -- the vile Kim D. included -- trying to get in the way of her trying to repair her relationship with her brother. I feel like she really wants to (or at least deserves the benefit of the doubt that she wants to) and is hoping this retreat will do it. Previews for next week make the retreat look anything but peaceful, but perhaps that's the storm before the calm?

Do you think Jacqueline and Melissa are right to blame Teresa?


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