'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Is Talking Marriage ... Already?!

Jenelle EvansLooks like it's time to add another addiction to Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans' roster. She's been hooked on pot. Heroin. Drama. Twitter. And now it looks like we can add ... marriage?

Don't worry, Jenelle has not married boyfriend Nathan Griffith. Yet.


But when asked by a fan if Jenelle would be marrying Nathan, she quickly responded that it's definitely a possibility. Specifically she said, "Maybe one day."

Um, Jenelle, honey! How about getting divorced from your current husband before you even THINK about getting married again?

Jenelle and Courtland Rogers are still technically married. Until their divorce is finalized, she won't legally be allowed to marry Nathan.

Nor should she want to. One of the reasons her first marriage was such an utter failure is the speed with which she entangled herself with Courtland. They'd just gotten together when suddenly they were married. Fast forward another few weeks and they were expecting a baby. Jump ahead another few, and she had miscarried ... and blamed him for hurting her during her pregnancy.

Maybe if she'd taken it a wee bit slower, she wouldn't be getting divorced.

Heck, maybe if she took it a wee bit slower, she'd never have married him in the first place.

To say Jenelle doesn't have a great track record when it comes to picking guys is a bit of an understatement. She has Andrew, the baby daddy who ran off on her; Kieffer the felon who broke into a house and got her arrested; and of course, Gary, her fiance who she had brought up on domestic violence charges.

And with all of them, she's rushed right into things, only to have it all blow up in her face.

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Now here's Nathan, who so far doesn't seem half bad. But if she wants it to work out, she needs to remember what she's done wrong with every other guy and not do it again. Jenelle needs to take the time to really get to know this guy and make sure what's on the surface runs deep. 

If it is, then and ONLY then should she even THINK about the POSSIBILITY of marrying him.

But hey, this is Jenelle we're talking about. The chances of that are ... slim, at best.

Do you see Jenelle and Nathan making it if they get married?


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