Jenelle Evans Called Out by Another 'Teen Mom' Star for Being a Hater

jenelle evansTeen Mom Jenelle Evans can't stop. Won't stop. First, she hysterically laughs at the fact that Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant star Danielle Cunningham fell off the wagon. Now she's engaging in Twitter wars with Teen Mom 3 star Alexandria Sekella. In fact, Jenelle is doing the exact thing to Sekella that she hates when people do to her: Air her dirty laundry.


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Now. Before we get into it, I have to be honest here. Technically, it was Sekella who started the Twitter war with Jenelle, and not the other way around. But when you hear the Teen Mom 3's reason behind doing so, it's hard not to side with her. Even if you agree with nothing else the girl says or does.

Apparently, Jenelle has a Sulia account in which she regularly uploads posts about all things Teen Mom -- be it things about her or about other castmembers. And two of the things Jenelle posted recently were about Sekella looking for advice about having her baby daddy’s rights revoked and a story about her daughter Arabella having to be rushed to the emergency room.

Not appreciating this, Alexandria Sekella tweeted: "Hey everybody go like Jenelle's Sulia she needs money for her alcohol and bad habits #drugaddict #loser." Jenelle then retaliated, saying she used to be a drug addict, and well, the two girls just don't like each other.

Clearly, Jenelle isn't one to shy away from controversy, but I'm surprised she's posting such negative things about other Teen Moms on her Sulia page. Doesn't Jenelle hate it when other people do that to her? Either way, the only thing Jenelle is doing is making Sekella more popular. To be honest, I never heard of this girl until Jenelle started posting about her. And I really don't think that was Jenelle's intention. Evans, y'burnt.

What do you think of this?


Image via Jenelle Evans/Twitter

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