'Bachelorette' Desiree Hartsock Will End Up Heartbroken Judging From New Promo (VIDEO)

desiree crying bacheloretteJust when you thought this season of The Bachelorette was doomed to be a drama-light snoozefest -- let's be honest, the Ben and James villain stuff wasn't believably gut-wrenching at all -- here comes a promo filled with tears, scowls, and tension galore! Just when it looks like Desiree "feels complete" and has found "everything I've ever ever needed in my life," it appears that some sort of heartbreak involving Drew Kenney and possibly Brooks blows up in her face, leaving her in tears and "just wanting to go home!" (Wah!) What the heck ...?!

Here's a theory ...


Looks to me like Drew's going to leave on his own, perhaps because he sees that Des is really falling for Brooks and/or Chris and doesn't want to have to compete. Or doesn't feel like the connection is as deep and strong between them and wants to be all gentlemanly about it and bow out. But then Des responds with, "Noooo, I really love you, too! This is so tough! Ah! Why do I always suffer from unrequited love?!?!?" But ultimately, all of it will be a silly distraction.

It's been so clear from the get-go to viewers -- and obviously the other guys -- that Des and Brooks are completely into one another. Thus, producers had to build up this phony plot line with Drew to create some drama.

Aside from that, who knows how it's all going to go down, and what all the other boo-hooing is about? A sneak peek clip ABC ran during the commercial break for Mistresses last night showed Brooks getting uptight about taking Des home to meet the fam, likely because he doesn't want to introduce her to his folks as someone he deeply cares about, only to have her choose Chris or Zak. (Though that's just how things work in Bachelorette World, I don't blame him for that!) Maybe that throws Des for a loop, because these guys are just supposed to kowtow to her ebbing and flowing desires and not really ask questions. Nonetheless, more likely than not, it's just another faux obstacle meant to add some spice leading up to the finale.

Here's the promo if you missed it ...

What do you think is going to happen with Drew? Brooks?


Image via ABC

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