'Teen Mom' Falls Off the Wagon & Jenelle Evans Thinks It's Hilarious

Jenelle Evans Another star of the Teen Mom/16 & Pregnant franchise is in deep trouble, and we do mean deep. Danielle Cunningham, the teen we first met as a new mom of a baby boy and high school freshman back in 2011, had a second baby a few weeks ago AND just spent a drunken night on Twitter getting wasted and sharing her alcohol-fueled ramblings with the world. Oh yeah, and giving Teen Mom 2 star (and former 16 & Pregnant star) Jenelle Evans something to chuckle about.

Because really, is there anything more hilarious than the mother of a 3-week-old with an admitted heroin problem falling off the wagon? Please, don't answer that.


Fans of 16 & Pregnant may remember Danielle as the daughter of a teen mom who seemed hell-bent on destroying her own life, one bad decision after another. Now she's on baby number two (a girl this time) and still seems intent on a path of destruction. Here's just a sampling of her tweets from the other night:

oh shut the f**k up. when I’m trying to get drunk i don’t give a flying f**k about my ‘classy drink’ decision.

Shiiit when jayleigh sleeps through the night, alcohol will be my BESTFRIEND.

Sad, isn't it?

Yes, sad is the response we should have to a young mother spiraling out of control. We should feel for her but even more so for her child.

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And if anyone could understand how painful it would be to have that out there, it should be Jenelle, the Teen Mom whose own destructive behavior has been tabloid fodder for years now. She's stated in numerous interviews (including an exclusive with The Stir just last year) that she is hurt by how people treat her online, and she wishes they'd show a little compassion as she struggles through the likes of a heroin addiction and getting sober.

But Jenelle shows anything but to Danielle -- who she's tangled with on Twitter in the past. When a fan tweeted an article about Danielle's destructive behavior her way, Jenelle responded gleefully:


Jenelle also retweeted a sarcastic comment hashtagged "#winning" about Danielle.

So much for sisterly solidarity? And showing compassion?

Statistics about young motherhood show these moms are at a much higher risk of abusing drugs and alcohol than their peers who didn't have children. They are stressed like you wouldn't believe, and the temptation already heightened by the invincibility of youth can be that much harder to resist.

It is sad. Sad for them, sadder for their kids. They need support to get past it, compassion as they build lives that can benefit their kids, and yes, sometimes a major wake-up call.

But Jenelle Evans can't have it both ways. She can't beg us to forgive her time and again for stumbling when she won't do the same for her fellow moms in the trenches.

What do you think of how Jenelle is treating Danielle?


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