'Real Housewives of Orange County' Recap: Lauri Picks the Worst Time to Tell Vicki About Brooks

vicki gunvalsonOkay. So, there are two things that need discussing after tonight's episode of Real Housewives of Orange County. One, Lauri Peterson feeling the need to tell Vicki Gunvalson that her ex-boyfriend, Brooks Ayers, is one of the world's biggest dirtbags in front of everyone. And two, Gretchen Rossi being a "liarface".

Let's start with Lauri.


While the girls were dress shopping for Tamra's third wedding gown, Lauri thought it was the perfect time to -- awkwardly -- tell Vicki that she heard that Brooks was dating a 21-year-old porn star. Or as Vicki kept calling it, a "pornographic star". The way she started giving Vicki the information was just weird. She was kind of acting like she didn't want to be telling Vicki about Brooks (even though she was loving every minute of it), so it was this long, drawn-out, super uncomfy conversation in front of everyone. If Lauri's reason for telling Vicki was, like she said, "because she would want to know", pull her aside, for god's sake! I know Lauri has it out for Vicki, but that whole exchange was just awful and totally unnecessary. That said, I'm happy she told Vicki. If there's a shred of a chance of her ever quitting the god-awful Brooks, this has to be it.

And then there was Gretchen. Or as she's otherwise known, Liarface.

Apparently, Gretchen told both Heather and Tamra that she was offered a part on a show called Malibu Country -- a show that Heather was offered a part on, also. But turns out, the only part Gretchen was offered on the show was NOTHING. She lied! And the worst part is, she told Tamra that she turned down the part so she could go wedding dress shopping with her. What the hell? Who does that?

Clearly, Gretchen has some serious issues if she can flat-out lie like that. I mean, like Heather said, perhaps it was a "colossal misunderstanding", but odds of that are slim. I'm sure in the next few weeks, we'll get to hear her excuse for telling the girls she was offered a role, but I've gotta be honest: I doubt anyone's going to buy it. And it looks like there might be a new outcast in town.

What did you think of Lauri telling Vicki about Brooks?


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