'Bachelor' Jason Mesnick Regrets Putting His Kid on TV

jason and molly mesnickFormer Bachelor Jason Mesnick has made a big confession. Starring in the show's most controversial finale isn't his only regret. (You may recall, he gave Melissa Rycroft the final rose only to dump her on the After the Rose show for runner-up Molly Malaney.) Nope. There is something else Jason wishes he'd done differently -- and it has to do with his son Ty.


Then just 3 years old, Ty was the center of the show. He made Jason different than any other Bachelor. In previous seasons, they had been little more than ab-packed studs who seemed about as sincere as a dumbbell. This guy was totally different. You really bought into the idea that he was looking for love, not just for him, but also for Ty. It seemed really sweet.

In addition to Ty making his TV debut on The Bachelor, Jason and Molly showed off newborn daughter Riley on talk shows and in magazines. Choices he isn't proud of. Jason now admits that was a huge mistake. “I actually feel kind of stupid for putting my kid -- kids -- on reality TV,” he recently revealed.

I can certainly understand those regrets. His child was so young when he was thrust in front of those ABC cameras. Jason admits that he probably wouldn't have even been chosen had it not been for the fact he is a dad. I suppose in some ways, that makes it worse. He was using his kid to find love and gain fame. He's not alone, though. That has become quite the trend as the seasons of The Bachelor and The Bachelorette have gone on. These days, they bring along their little ones just to get extra pity points before the first rose ceremony. But kids are not there to help you get a date or make you seem more “likeable” or interesting. How many times have we seen celebs tote their toddlers around like accessories, or to enhance their sorely lacking personality, or to get more attention. That is not putting your kids first.

It's refreshing to hear a star finally get how wrong it is to use your kids in this way. Though, are we regular parents any better? Don't we splash out kids photos over Facebook? Post cute videos to YouTube hoping to get views into the thousands if not tens of thousands? Those images can still be ogled by countless faceless strangers. It still exposes your child to the world so that other people can tell us how cute and adorable they are. Is that so much better?

See Jason, Miley, and new daughter Riley:

Do you think posting photos of your kids to public networking sites is as bad as putting your kid on reality TV?

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