'Princesses: Long Island' Recap: Staging an Intervention

Erica and JoeyLast night on Princesses: Long Island, as the girls continued their hunt for princes, it seemed as though Erica was too hungover to appreciate that her prince -- Rob -- is right in front of her.

Let's be honest, Erica is a hot mess. We've watched her down entire bottles of wine, pass out, and flirt incessantly with random men. The girl needs help. And although it's unclear if her true end-game is marriage, she has a guy who is crazy in love with her, but she is either too drunk or self-absorbed to care.

Case in point: In response to Rob's anger that she fraternized with random guys, Erica responded with, "I'm a pretty girl. Obviously guys are gonna text me." And instead of telling her to get lost, Rob just continued proclaiming his love and devotion -- while Erica yawned in his face. She later tolld him, "I love you too ... sometimes."

So last night, Chanel was intent on getting her bestie Erica a major intervention. But would Erica take the bait?


Not only did the princesses agree Erica needed an intervention, but they wanted Casey, Erica's high school nemesis, to take the lead on it. Of course Joey, my favorite snarky princess, chimed in with, "Hell no. Casey can't even work out her own problems."

Back to the intermenschion, aka intervention ... on the way to Erica's house, Casey acknowledges she is not a psychologist or Mother Teresa, but she is still game. Casey says she will tell Erica (in a totally non-condescending way) that she can't self-medicate with alcohol. Does anyone else see a train wreck in the making or is it just me?

Once they are sitting in Erica's bedroom, Casey spews her wisdom. She tells Erica that "stars die in bathtubs all the time," followed by, "your behavior is child level; the wastedness and the falling."

Erica, who is still very much in denial, retorts with, "I fall down all the time. I hurt myself on a regular basis."

Casey responds with, "I'm embarrassed for you."

This intervention honestly has me embarrassed for both of them.

Meanwhile Chanel, who is also a part of this intervention, tells Erica her real concern is that Erica's constant state of inebriation could lead her to get "bitch-slapped by a ghetto assed guy on a Hamptons street." Chanel continues with the fact that this guy will then proceed to leave her on the side of the road while her six Jappy friends stand by helpless to defend her.

Chanel believes THAT is the big picture. Is anyone else dying here?

Erica says the intervention feels like she has been shot in the face and tells the girls they need to leave because a) she needs to help her mom clean up, and b) she needs to pick up dinner. Then we see her escort the girls out of her house.

I don't think Erica got the message, and the fact that her parents are completely clueless (or unwilling to confront her) will not help her get sober.

What do you think ... does Erica have a drinking problem?

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