'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans & Her New Boyfriend Don't Need a Spin-Off of Their Own

Jenelle EvansBy now, we've heard rumors of Teen Mom star Jenelle Evans getting about a bazillion different spin-offs. First there was talk of a Big Brother-like spin-off with Farrah Abraham and both their mothers. Then, rumors swirled that Jenelle only got pregnant with Courtland Rogers so the two of them could get their own show. So it's only natural that now that Jenelle is in couple bliss with new boyfriend Nathan Griffith, Teen Mom spin-off rumors are surging once again. Yup, can you see it? Jenelle Evans, Nathan, and cameras all coexisting in the home that they share together after only a few months of dating.

It sounds ... like a horrible idea. I mean, come ON, this is a girl who already thrives off of the attention she gets from social media. Can you imagine what she'd do if she knew all of America was watching (well, at least the MTV generation anyway)?


I will say this: Jenelle seems to have her shit together when it comes to her relationship with Nathan. This guy has a job, seems to treat her really well, and has his priorities in order. Since she's been dating him, she's been posting fitness Instagrams, photos of her running errands, and if we're gonna be honest -- she seems to be more of a normal functioning member of society.

Do I think that it would make for great television? Eh, I'd probably try watching it, but a Jenelle/Nathan spin-off would be much much more tame than a Jenelle/Courtland one. Regardless, I don't think that at this point, it's such a good idea. Jenelle is finally getting herself together, and the last thing she needs to do is throw that off-balance with a whole slew of cameras.

Would you watch a Jenelle and Nathan spin-off?


Image via PBandJenelley_1/Twitter

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