Former 'Bachelor' Contestant Says the Show Ruined Her Life

Sarah HerronFormer Bachelor contestant Sarah Herron says that her stint on the show ruined her dating life forever as she is now known as the woman with one arm who cried a lot. In a new blog post posted this week, Herron complains that her life will never be the same.

As someone who has watched the show for a long, long time, I find this idea more than a little silly. NO guy I have ever known watches the show willingly without some major prodding from a wife or girlfriend. If men are rejecting it her, it's likely NOT because of the show. It's because of something else.

In her post, she says:


The Bachelor ruined my life and any hope I'll ever have of meeting anyone ever again! Any guy who really wants to, can easily Google me, see me crying and quickly discover what an emotional basket case I am. I really didn’t do myself any favors there #FML.

The thing is, her departure wasn't THAT bad. Sure, she cried, but so does everyone on this show. Yes, she whined and looked a little silly to be gaga so fast, but that is no different than the others.

There have been women in the past who have been FAR crazier than her. Women who have given their underwear to the Bachelor on the first date. Women who have left in ambulances and hyperventilated their way through evenings. Sure, Sarah is silly, but I doubt anyone who googles her is thinking anything of it.

Yes, she went on a stupid show, and yes, that is going to turn some (most) men off. But it won't last forever. Actually, she could just as well NOT tell people she is on the show and it might be fine. What a novel concept!

No one needs to hear on the first date (or even before it) that someone went on a reality show to try to find love and marriage. That reeks of desperation, it's true. But save that crap, like you save all your other baggage. It's not relevant!

Do you think this show ruins the lives of contestants?


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