'Teen Mom' Maci Bookout Stands Up Against Hate & Gets Major Backlash

Maci BookoutTeen Mom Maci Bookout probably knows a thing or two about hatred and prejudice. She posted a quote to her Instagram page yesterday about how being gay isn't a choice and oh WOW did Maci's comment ignite a gay marriage debate.

The feisty redhead, not one to back down, suggested everyone who was so up in arms get themselves a beer (or five). The reality is, Maci has every right to speak out about something she believes in. Lucky for her, she is also on the right side of history and won't have to do any embarrassing backtracking later when bigotry against gays becomes the extreme minority.

Typically when stars, especially reality stars, become political, it's annoying. Most of the time, we don't care what reality "stars" think about anything. After all, what qualifications do they have besides lives that are train-wreck-like enough to get them on TV?


But Maci is right. She is expressing her opinion, and like it or not, she reaches a lot of people. I say more power to her. More power to Kailyn and Catelynn, both of whom are ALSO part of the No H8 campaign and have been open in their support of gay rights.

It's not really that complicated to support love over hate. It's not that hard to understand why someone might and why they would support equality and marriage rights for all.

It would be far MORE controversial if Maci was against gay marriage, especially given her less than conventional life. I applaud her intelligence and willingness to recognize her ability to make people listen and to use it in the right way.

It's not always easy to be courageous, but Maci is and when she is attacked, she takes it in stride. Good on her for knowing which comments can and should just be laughed off. Stupid people say stupid things. It says more about them than it does about her. And as someone who writes for the Internet, I know this, too.

Go Maci!

Do you think she shouldn't get political?


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